Kentucky’s road to the Final Four was the toughest in NCAA tournament history

Aaron Harrison - photo by Walter Cornett |
Aaron Harrison – photo by Walter Cornett |

basketball just went through a murderer’s row to reach the Final Four, dropping three of last year’s Final Four teams — including the defending champion and tournament favorite — in the past seven days to earn a surprise spot in North Texas. Though it’s up for debate, the Wildcats road to the Final Four was likely the toughest in history.

No one felt too sorry when  received a No. 8 seed in the tournament two weeks ago. When you’re one of the most prestigious programs in college basketball, have one of most hyped classes in history and enter the season No. 1, there aren’t many tears shed on your behalf. But everyone knew a No. 8 seed for ’s team was a joke, especially in a stacked region like the Midwest.

Though was a viable Final Four choice, few picked the ‘Cats to advance that far. How could you, when the team had to beat three powerhouses after a routine opening round win over State? It felt like an impossible task, but here’s how did it

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