Kentucky Wildcats battle to bitter end, but fall to Indiana

Tyler Ulis - photo by Walter Cornett
Tyler Ulis – photo by Walter Cornett

’s season rested on a razor’s edge more than once.

The Wildcats would either have to respond or let go of the rope. As anyone who has watched over the last month would have guessed they’d do, the Cats chose the former.
On this day, it just wasn’t enough.
“These kids aren’t machines,” said. “They’re not computers. Stuff happens and you try to figure it out. We got it to a three-point game with a couple chances to win the game. What I don’t want to do is take away from what did. Indiana — they played every kid on that court, gave everything they had they deserved to win this game.”
could never quite find a rhythm on Saturday, with turnovers – 16 total and six on offensive fouls – and missed shots felling the Cats at the most inopportune times. Fourth-seeded Kentucky (27-9) fell in the second round to No. 5 seed Indiana (27-7), 73-67.

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